Most recent and main contributors

UCLouvain-INGI (CP, DFO, releases, continuous integration, web-site, ...)
  • Pierre Schaus
  • Sascha Van Cauwelaert
  • Hélène Verhaeghe
  • Minh Thanh Khong
  • Guillaume Derval
  • Charles Thomas
  • John Aoga
  • Renaud De Landtsheer
  • Christophe Ponsard
  • Gustavo Ospina
  • Fabian Germeau
  • Thomas Fayolle
ASTRA, Uppsala University (FlatZinc frontend to CBLS) Past Contributors
  • Renaud Hartert (cp)
  • Cyrille Dejemeppe (defo, cp)
  • Steven Gay (cp)
  • Hakan Kjellerstrand
  • Alastair Andrew (install)
  • Sébastien Mouthuy (simu)
  • Aurélien Crucifix (linprog)
  • Yoann Guyot (cbls)
  • Ratheil Houndji (cp)

Contributing to OscaR

Everyone is more than welcome to contribute, fork or extend the project.
Please open ticket on to report any bug or a suggestion for improvement. We'll do our best to address it quickly.
Please do a pull request if you want to bring changes into the main project (we'll examine it carefully prior to it's potential integration).